PicInch Gallery provides a simple way for a group of members, such as a photography club, to display their photographs.


Installation and Setup

Docker Repository

View the Project on GitHub inchworks/picinch

Installation and setup

Before installation

Installation steps

These instructions assume a Ubuntu Server host with Docker installed. Other Linux distributions may be similar (but CentOS/RHEL 8 provides a different technology to Docker). A basic installation requires the creation of just two files on the server.

  1. Add /srv/picinch/docker-compose.yml. This Docker Compose file specifies the PicInch and MariaDB containers to be downloaded from Docker Hub, the settings to run them on the host system, and essential application parameters. ⇒ Docker Setup

  2. In /srv/picinch run docker compose up -d When issued the first time, this fetches PicInch and MariaDB containers from Docker Hub, and starts PicInch. Then PicInch sets up the database, creates the directories to hold images and certificates (in/srv/picinch/). PicInch will be restarted automatically when the host system is rebooted. ⇒ Commands

  3. Connect to your server by domain name using a web browser and see that you can log in. ⇒ Site Administrator

After installation

  1. Customise the appearance of the website using the optional files described below. Restart PicInch for changes to take effect. (See Commands.) ⇒ Customisation

  2. Log in to PicInch as administrator and add potential users with status set to known. Send invitations to the users, inviting them to sign-in. ⇒ Site Administrator

  3. If desired, make one or more active (signed-up) users an admin or curator. ⇒ Site Administrator

  4. Arrange for a regular backup of the database and photos. This may be an option from your hosting supplier, or you may need to do it regularly yourself. ⇒ Backups

  5. Review the security of your system. ⇒ Security

  6. Review the data privacy of your system. ⇒ Privacy

Public competition setup

PicInch has an alternative use as a website for a public competition. See Competition Setup